Yes, it sadly happened to me just as we entered the island of Nusa Lembongan coming from Bali. I had been so careful with eating at the right places, washing my hands and not drinking the tap water. But alas, out of nowhere in the middle of nowhere I was struck down just hours after arriving on a fairly remote island.

No pharmacy in site nor supermarkets with basic medication, I had to rely on paracetamol and buckets of water to get me through my first night.

Luckily due to my travel buddy I was able to get my hands on some crackers and cookies which after an 8 hour food hiatus tasted like god himself had made them for me.

I ended up having to hospitilise myself in my bed and catch up on a good few Netflix shows. It was the first time I had ever missed home in the 3 weeks of travelling. I missed things like going to the store and stocking up on all the vitamins and comfort foods.

Just a tip is really to jut hang in there, drink lots of fluids and just hang in there. It’s just one of those things where you need to wait it out and wait for your body to heal it self. If you have charcoal tablets or anything to help your stomach then great but they are not vital to heal the body. The secondary thing is to not panic if you can’t see a doctor or get your hands on medication. Just wait it out for a couple of days and if things don’t get better then pursue other options but most of the time your body will be back to normal shape after a day or two.

In the end it turned out to be quite the therapeutic exercise of having to wait and rest and process what I had done in the trip and why on earth I had really traveled so far away from my homeland. Due to moving every couple of days it’s sometimes difficult to stop and think about what you’ve done on the trip. So I guess the silver lining in this very dark cloud was that I realised how much we had done in such a relatively short time and how many experience we had already gone through.

The next day I felt fully healed and couldn’t help but feel a calm wave of emotions fall over myself. Having faced off a day of pondering and thinking, I felt much more accepting of day to day life. Sometimes bad things happens, sometimes good stuff happens. There is no controlling to what happens to you of fighting to meet expectations. So for the most enjoyable travelling experience it’s essential to just go with the flow and let things happens to as in any life situation. That way you’ll be able to enjoy anything that comes your way regardless of whatever category of so called ‘bad’ or ‘good’ it falls in.

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