Let us help you out with some tricks and tips on how to travel Belize safe and easy. We will make some recommendations for best time to visit Belize, if you need a VISA or not and how long this VISA is valid, which currency used, how to get around and accommodation and food. In our other blogpost Belize top things to do and see 2020 you can read about the highlights of Belize Glenn experienced.

Best time to visit Belize

Belize’s best season runs from late November to mid-April, when it is the country’s dry season. After April the dry season turns into wet season with monsoon rain and an increase in humidity. Expect showers from June to mid-November accompanied by strong winds. They also call this hurricane season. If you don’t want the rush of tourists and don’t mind some rain the rainy season in September and October is suitable for you. But do keep in mind some establishments shut down during the offseason.


Nationals from most European countries don’t need to apply for a tourist visa in Belize. But because there is no direct flight from Europe to Belize you probably have to do a transit in the USA. For this you do have to apply for a Transit Esta here before flying in. Do note that these rules are changed periodically so be sure to check for up-to-date information on the embassy’s website of your country.

So, if you are visiting as a tourist, you do not require a visa. Visitors planning to stay more than 30 days must have their passport re-stamped by a local immigration office and pay an additional fee for every additional month they wish to stay, up to six months.


Easy as, Belize uses two currencies. They accept US dollars (USD) and Belizean Dollars (BZD) where 1 BZD equals 2 USD. US dollars are gladly accepted throughout the country. Visitors with US dollars do not need to worry about changing their money into the local currency. BZD are generally worthless outside Belize and the few places that might change them, for example at foreign exchange abroad will offer little for it. 

Of course if you arrive from another country than the US there are several ATM’s present around the country for BZD take out. In most shops you can also use your creditcard.

Safety and kindness

Belize is a safe country to visit with plenty of friendly people that are always willing to help. Nonetheless, Belize City has some area’s where crime is present. If you can you should try to avoid the South Side of Belize City.

Additionally, as in every country, you should always travel with your guard up a little bit by not wearing expensive jewelry, avoiding isolated areas, not travelling at night and leaving unattended baggage.


Belize has a good transportation network of buses, ferry’s, planes and private transport. For bus timetables and routes check out belmopanonline.com. You can basically travel all over the country by bus. Do be aware that buses in Central America are not always as comfy and on time as the ones in Western Countries.

If you are heading out to Caye Caulker or San Pedro you can easily take a ferry from Belize City Harbor. It only takes about 30 min to Caye Caulker and 1 hour and 30 minutes to San Pedro. You can either book your tickets online on Directferries or just go to the ferry terminal and book your ticket there.

Lastly, and the most beautiful but more expensive (still very affordable) option is by little plane. Maya Island Air and Tropic Air provide flights all across Belize and even international to Mexico. If you are short on time or if you want a scenic view of this beautiful country and it’s islands from above this is the best way to travel for you!

Belize tricks


belize bungalow

Belize is not the cheapest country in Central America especially accommodation wise. Nonetheless, you can live on the most remote islands in Cabana’s with a constant sea view and stings rays jumping out of the water right in front of you. This, my friends, is priceless in my opinion.

Belize City has a few big hotels with very good service, food and comfortable rooms. Furthermore if you are looking for a more budget friendly place to stay Caye Caulker is a destined place for backpackers with affordable hostels.

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