Oman, a beautiful country in the Middle East. Rich in nature and traditions and wind blowned deserts. In our blogpost Oman … a diverse country with stunning nature you can read about our highlights in this gorgeous Islamic country. As it will help you to make your visit even more enjoyable we will inform you with some travel tricks and tips for Oman.


Most people hire a 4WD with a guide, but it is perfectly possible to do a road trip on your own. It is though the most expensive part of your journey. But we do recommend not to save money on this. You will notice why while driving through the desert or the mountains.

Some experience driving off-road is useful but don’t hesitate when it’s your first time. We all need to learn right? First, buy the book “Oman Off-road” from Explorer. It is difficult to find in Europe, but you can buy it on the airport of Muscat. This book guides you to all the hidden roads so you end up at the most beautiful places. Second, make sure you use an offline map on your phone and buy a local simcard. In many places, you will have no signal during your ride. The gas is so cheap here, you almost feel guilty when you fill your tank. Don’t forget to fill you tank regularly, there are not so many gas stations while you are driving off-road.


So, now you are ready for the adventure. In my opinion, the best way to see Oman is trough wild camping. Wild camping is perfectly legal in Oman and you can pitch your tent basically everywhere. Because there are no official campsites, there are no toilet facilities while camping, so you better book a room once in a while.

Where to find camping equipment?

There are 3 possibilities:

  1. The first one is to bring it yourself, which isn’t the easiest way when traveling by airplane.
  2. Second one is to buy your gear in the hypermarket, but then you have to leave your stuff after your trip (not so ecological).
  3. The third, but most expensive option, is to rent it at a tour company like Nomad Tours. Chris and his family will welcome you in his guesthouse and give you all the advice you need before starting your trip. He is living as an expat in Oman and is super friendly to invite you to a rooftop BBQ with some local friends. Another possibility is to hire a 4WD with rooftop tent.

Alertness (Cultural adaptation)

As Oman is an Islamic country, some rules are different than in Europe. One of them is the covering of your body. As a guy, they recommend you to wear long trousers, but shorts are still okay as they know you are a tourist. As a woman, you better cover your shoulders by wearing a t-shirt. I didn’t wear long sleeves, it was impossible because of the heath but as long as you cover your shoulders it should be fine. For your legs, you have to wear long trousers or long skirt. You don’t need to cover your hair. Omani people are very friendly as long as you show some respect for their religion and culture. I didn’t feel watched or uncomfortable as a woman at all. In the wadi’s you can only swim in bikini when there are no locals, otherwise you better put some clothes on while swimming.

When to visit?

The best period to visit Oman is from November till April, the temperature is around 25-30 degrees Celsius. If you can stand the heat, you can go in October as well, but you can expect temperatures around 38 degrees at some days. The benefit of going in October, is that the prices are lower and there are fewer tourists.


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