After feeling a little too couped up and citied out, I decided that I needed to go and see some of the more inland sights and enjoy a little farm life.

To do this, I used the wonderful service called Workaway. A website that allows people to apply to a whole array of different jobs in the world in exchange for food and accommodation. The membership cost only 20 American dollars for a whole year and is a great way to save money while travelling.

So once I got accepted for a job, I got myself on a train towards the town of Toodyay.

Immediately after arriving I felt i had entered some wild west world akin to the tv show Westworld. Sights such as saloons, men saluting me with their cowboy hats as I passed and general “out in the sticks” vibe.

I met my host who was a lovely older lady who had taken me in to help her work on her farm and extensive gardens. Straight away, I was thrust into the most inland Australian conversations about Alpaca wool prices and mischievous town talk. Now, I thought, I really was experiencing authentic Australia.

I was taken to the farm where I saw that I would stay in a surprisingly luxurious caravan.

Over the next couple of days I would do farm work such as feeding horses and chickens, mowing large lawns, turning water mills on/off and much more. The most memorable though would have to be finding myself face to face with what I first thought was a very shiny rock. Only then to realise that this rock was in fact a massive python lazing in the long grass. I slowly backed away and decided not to go to that part of the gardens for a while. Another experience was me achieving a long life goal of being asked to use a crowbar to break down a door that my host had lost the key for. I felt I was like a was character in the Walking Dead!

After a couple of days for working 4 hours a day, I felt very much at peace with the dry natural surroundings, I enjoyed drinking a glass of wine with my 2 horses watching the sunset in its final moments. After which,  the most beautiful stars-capes would open up before me.

You see the farm used to be a star observatory for tourists but had temporarily been closed. However one night my host roller out one of the largest mobile telescopes I had ever seen and I was able to learn a lot about our expansive universe and get a closer look at constellations and planets.

Finally as my time at the farm came to an end I was able to watch a fascinating display of a horse being trained by the most cowboy-lookalike I have ever seen. As I asked him about what he was doing he replied (in the most Australian accent I have ever heard) “Its as much the horse learning how to understand the owner as it is the owner understanding how to communicate with the horse”. Quite the horse whisperer indeed.

So there you have it, my bush experience allowed me to save money for a week all the while experiencing the Australian outback. An experience I shall cherish and hold dear forever.


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