After travelling my way through Australia for a couple of months I decided I wanted to settle down for a little while. Also the issue of money was forever becoming more of an issue to me and I was losing it quite quickly…Partly due to doing too many awesome things at once and way too much partying but I still wouldn’t exchange those experiences for anything.

In the end I got a easy going web development job in the thriving city of Sydney. I decided to not go for a “backpacker job” mostly due to the salary difference and wanting to work the least amount of time possible.

Where I lived

Sydney home
My home away from home

Anyways, what was it like? Well after travelling for so many months, having my own bedroom in a house of 6 was simply magical. My home base was located extremely central (next to the central station) which made exploring the area unbelievably easy. And I met some amazing people who were all internationals temporarily living in Sydney. We had good nights out exploring the city together and exchange many travel stories as well as making new ones together.

The city itself

Sydney is so humongous that you have everything you need nearby:

Mountains to the west for all your hiking/biking greenery adventures.

A variety of beaches for water sports, beach bbqs, sunbathing

Australia day
Australia day in Sydney

A beautiful harbour and parks giving a modern beauty to the city.

Sydney harbour
Sydney harbour and opera house

Things I noticed

One thing that is just constantly being shoved in your face is that so many people are working out at all times. I’m talking going for a private training session at lunch to get that refined body. I thought there was gonna be a gladiator tournament happening with the amount of people I saw working out throughout the city.

Pedestrian crossings take an unbelievable amount of time, it may seem small but having a 30 min walk commute would sometimes be doubled if I had actually waited for those lights…

My Takeaway

When I first arrived Sydney felt like a concrete jungle where I was going to hang my hat and just work with my head down. However in the end I made some great friends, did some work with great people, explored Sydney into its depths and now leave with a feeling that will miss certain things which have grown on me.

Australia’s experiences are like no other and I have definitely had them in spades from Bush farms to skydiving, from surfing to mountain hiking, koala and kangaroos watching and running from snakes and spiders, meeting old friends after many years where it felt a minute hadn’t gone but since we saw each other.

It really has been a intense mixture of things but now I have decided to once again travel into the exotic and culturally completely different Vietnam. I found myself yearning for different views, areas and culture more and more to sate my desire for the unknown.

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